The Key to a High Converting Website

At the end of the day, conversion rate is irrefutably the single-most influential factor to the success of a website. Improving it is therefore necessary to sustain the growth and revenue stream of your online business. With that said, enhancement of user experience plays a key role in improving your website’s conversion. How users interact with your website has a direct impact on your website’s rate of conversion. A perfect website design can do wonders in terms of conversion.

Today, I am here to discuss the various elements that a modern website should have in order to ensure that the site is user friendly, memorable and appealing to the eye. The elements I will discuss shortly not only help to improve user experience but also directly affect your website’s conversion rate in a positive way.

1. Flat or Semi-Flat Design

The word “flat” in this case is used to refer to a website design that is minimal and more two-dimensional in nature as opposed to three-dimensional. The website should make use of very few stylistic features that make use of 3D illusions. Flat or semi-flat website design also involves use of simple features, flat colors and appropriate typography. A flat design can use textures, gradients and drop shadows to make it more appealing to the eye.

2. Hero Images and Background Video

Hero images and background video are similar in function. Hero images are mostly large, attractive photos that are strategically placed in the background of your website. Background videos on the other hand are videos that are set to play in the background as soon as a web page loads. Both hero images and background video need to respond well and fit properly into the all types of screens sizes.

3. Strong Opt-in Form

If one of your main goals is lead generation, a strong opt-in form is an essential element. Design Plantation Shutters Sydney have done a great job (below) in having a lead generation form that stands out and calls for the action the business is looking for.


4. A Large Call-To-Action Button

A CTA or Call To Action button should be a large, eye catching, responsive and clickable button that will direct the attention of users to the product or service that you are offering. The text in the button should be large enough so that it is legible to all site visitors. However, the button and the text should not be too large that they look unpleasant to the eye.

5. Use A Responsive Website Design

With the wide range of internet enabled gadgets out there today like smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TV’s, responsive website design is a must in order to provide a uniform user experience. When your website can viewed from a variety of devices, it will get more visitors and thus the conversion rate will go higher.

Responsive website design is especially crucial for e-commerce websites as people do not like shopping on unresponsive website. To call it “frustrating” would actually be an understatement.

To optimize responsiveness, you must ensure that how one user views your website from a computer is how another user will view your website from their smartphone. All elements, background images and video, layouts and the CTA button should remain visible and in proper order.

Many agencies around Melbourne are starting to catch on to the importance of getting Conversion Rate Optimisation, it is almost as important (if not more important) as getting the traffic in the first place.

If you implement the above elements of a perfect website design, you will definitely see a significant increase in the conversion rate of your website. A higher conversion is always a good thing.